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Aug 15, 2018 · On the local side, your router is configured to use a specific IP address: often something like,, or something similar. You can see what yours is by running the command “IPCONFIG /ALL” in a Windows Command Prompt and looking for the Default Gateway address. The web interface is a page where you can configure your Linksys router's settings. The fist step to accessing this page is to check your router's local IP address. Unless it is changed, your Linksys router's default local IP address (also known as the Default Gateway) is If you are unable to access your router using this, follow Top comment "Very easy to useVery easy set up This TV has an awesome picture quality for the price, I also love the built in IP channels that it has!This TV is a great smart TV it shows very clear and brilliant pictures I love the fact that it recognize all the devices did I add to the TV the smart features are very great and it has a lot to offer which I love I had smart TVs before May 31, 2014 · In these cases, the router’s internal IP address is or, respectively. Many routers have a Web-based interface in order to be managed and configured. This Web-based interface can be accessed from any computer, by using a common Internet browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Mozilla).

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a) Use our web tool while connected to your router The far easiest way, provided that you have access to connect to the network of the router, is to go over to our automatic tool page and it will find your AT&T router's IP in a jiff.

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How to Find Your Router IP Address in 3 Steps | ExpressVPN The steps above show you how to find your router’s local IP address. Common default router IPs. Looking for Netgear router login IP? Want to find your ASUS router IP address? Here’s a list of the default router IPs for some of the most popular router brands. Apple router IPs.; Asus router … How do I locate my router’s IP address? - NETGEAR