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RADIUS Server - The RADIUS proxy could then determine which domain’s RADIUS proxy to forward the request to. You can also use a RADIUS proxy to load-balance requests across multiple RADIUS servers if one RADIUS server is unable to handle the load. AAA with RADIUS server not working — TechExams Community If you can't ping the router from the RADIUS server then make sure the gateway is configured properly on the RADIUS server and that an ACL isn't blocking traffic on the router. If both of those are working then I'd check to make sure the RADIUS server is configured to use port 1812 for RADIUS and again look to make sure no ACLs are negatively RADIUS Server Integration

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Version:V200R008C00. When the NAS-IP of the RADIUS client (device) is configured on the Leagsoft RADIUS server, the MAC address of the device also needs to be configured.

Create or Edit an FTD RADIUS Server Object or Group A RADIUS server group contains one or more RADIUS server objects. The servers within a group must be copies of each other. These servers form a chain of backup servers, so that if the first server is unavailable, the system can try the next server in the list.