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FIX: NSIS error "Error launching installer" - Repair Corrupt Edge Files. Download and run Reimage Plus to scan and restore corrupt and missing … Command Line Usage - Nullsoft Scriptable Install System NSIS installers are generated by using the 'MakeNSIS' program to compile a NSIS script (.NSI) into an installer executable. The NSIS development kit installer sets up your computer so that you can compile a.nsi file by simply right-clicking on it in Explorer and selecting 'compile'. Going from a 32-Bit installer to a 64-Bit installer - NSIS NSIS is a 32-bit installer. NSIS developers would like to make a 64-bit installer but have no time. Below are issues related to 32-Bit installers and 64-Bit machines. • 32-Bit installers will run on a 64-bit machines (e.g. x86-64) installation - Free software for Windows installers: NSIS

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